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First and foremost this project is fictional. From a creative brief generator it was the requested to design a business card for a Floristry where the owners wife has died. He wanted to let the memory live on through the visual marketing of the flower business.

Jennifer's Heaven business card



The company is called Jennifer's  Heaven and that gave  the assocation to think about a heaven-like card in order to show the history of the business in a beatifull way. Perhaps flowers insteads of clouds or perhaps the flower bouqets are made from cloudlike material. 


Other versions

The owner of the business really wanted the recognition of clouds to come back in the design. From this perspective I made design that gives an "over the horizon" look. It sort gave the feel like you look out of an airplane. 



Eventually the end result had to be a bit more profesionally regarding the choice of color. The bouqets turned out to have more of cloudy feel. It gives the feeling like these are flowers out of heaven. An ode to the owner's wife who passed away.

*Again I want to state clear that this is a fictional product. This is not related to a real business, but based on a creative brief in order to practice graphic design*

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